Who am I?



I’m an evolutionary biologist, currently working at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland) and Uppsala University (Sweden). In my research I focus on „peeking into birds’ beds” – I study the evolution and importance of mate choice and sexual selection. I’m also interested in the evolution of colour and colour perception. I use an array of methods, ranging from molecular genetics, through advanced statistics and modeling, to phylogenetic methods. Two main themes I currently study and explore are: (i) the evolution and importance of colour signalling and colour perception among bird & butterfly species; (ii) consequences of interactions between genes and environment, especially for mate choice.

Evolutionary biology often seems overwhelmingly abstract and difficult – but it’s actually more beautiful and intuitive than you think! Do you want to protect nature effectively while using its resources in a sustainable way? Or produce better antibiotics, modifying at the same time microorganisms’ susceptibility to them? Or understand how the evolutionary history of our species influenced its choices and habits? Hire an evolutionary biologist – he’ll answer all of your questions!

Science is everything I love doing – that’s why I do it even outside of my official office hours. I’m a passionate science popularizer and I love exploring new ways of communicating science to the public. I write press articles, conceive and make popular science movies, and most importantly – I design scientific art producing illustrations and infographics.

I’m a proud member of Science for Nature – an initiative of Polish biologists aimed at commenting actions related to nature conservation according to the best standards of scientific knowledge. More (in Polish – for now) here: naukadlaprzyrody.pl. I also collaborate and participate in a number of scientific and non-scientific initiatives, including: the Association of Science Advocates, SciArt Centre, FameLab Poland – and many more.